AVICO we work hard to bring you products that are tried and tested but we cant have everything so we work closely with the following partners and provide answers to our customers problems using our partners.

Most are at the top of the industry and we work often hand in hand to deliver the best solutions for our customers across the Australia.

Our key partner is Ezestream - Movielink, their Smart Hotel TV system is locally developed and supported in Australia. BAcked by 40 years experience in the hotel industry they are a powerhouse in the industry.

LED large format screens are a growth industry often populated by part-timers. Our partners Integrate IOT are at the top of the game and develop, design and engineer their own solutions. Local talent with China manufacturing.

We are capable of build large, medium & small screens for indoor or outdoor locations and have many flagship sites dotted around the country.

We work closely with Smartsign Australia and are part of the tech support team for various sites around Australia.